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With over 25 years of industrial roofing experience in all systems both abroad and in the UK, Steve White set up Steve White Industrial Roofing in September 2003. Although a family-based company, Steve White Industrial Roofing Limited - as it is now known - has gone from strength to strength and maintains a sound client base with the benefit of repeat works from satisfied clients, as well as a high volume of new enquiries on a daily basis.

Description: C:\Users\gary.ICSLTD\Documents\images\bulletpoint.gifAll works undertaken comply with HSE recommendations for working at height to include handrails, nets, etc and all works comply with Part L2 Regulations.
Description: C:\Users\gary.ICSLTD\Documents\images\bulletpoint.gifPublic Liability and Employer Liability Insured
Description: C:\Users\gary.ICSLTD\Documents\images\bulletpoint.gifCITB registered.
Description: C:\Users\gary.ICSLTD\Documents\images\bulletpoint.gifMembers of Eastern Region Roof Training Group
Description: C:\Users\gary.ICSLTD\Documents\images\bulletpoint.gifHealth and Safety trained operatives
Description: C:\Users\gary.ICSLTD\Documents\images\bulletpoint.gifNFRC Gold Safety Award Winners in 2005
Description: C:\Users\gary.ICSLTD\Documents\images\bulletpoint.gifNFRC Silver Safety Award Winners in 2006
Description: C:\Users\gary.ICSLTD\Documents\images\bulletpoint.gifInvestors in People